A meditation. An experiment in repetition and layering. Simultaneously our bleakest and heaviest recording to date, Pastoral is one twenty minute slow-burn crescendo.



Bitter gloom on a golden dawn

2015 - Digital

"In recent years, many underground genres have sneaked into the charts and found a comfortable place in pop culture. Metal, for one, has gone for the ride. Yet Burlington's fuzz kings, Vultures of Cult, have stayed back and built their own vehicle with their latest release, Bitter Gloom on a Golden Dawn. They've independently written, recorded and generated their own album artwork. It's proof that a genuine underground still exists and, in this case, it's right in our backyard. VOC have thoughtfully crafted seven songs of precisely drilled doom metal with psychedelic intrigue.

Being a band for 8 years allows for plenty of growth and experimentation. Bitter Gloom is a fitting continuum of VOC's previous album, Fathoms. This time, they return with a concept album that addresses a largely abandoned human inquiry: wonderment about the natural world through mysticism. InBitter Gloom, VOC reference the 19th-century British occultists Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and find solace in magical order."  

-Justin Crowther/SevenDays



2013 - Digital

"For the endlessly curious and creative Vultures of Cult, surf music may be nothing more than a quick beach vacation before they return to their day job of crafting epic, stoner-rock operas — such as 2010’s Cold Hum. But with SVRF EP, the band has brought back quite the souvenir."  

-Dan Bolles/SevenDays



2012 - Digital/CD/Vinyl

"Vultures Of Cult released their sophomore album not so long ago. Their first stoner rock opera Cold Hum from 2010 already hit our stomach like a lead brick and we can only hope Fathoms does the same. And it did and probably even harder and more vicious than their first one! Hefty sludge metal with some atmospheric elements of breezy post rock that is expertly offset by fierce growling vocals and dizzying riffs and rhythms. Think of some old school Baroness, Kylesa or even Isis and you’re in the vicinity. But with absolute wrecking ball drums and unwavering guitars this album has that air of frantic necessity and seems to stomp on the terra like an insane colossus. Everybody needs to hear it; that is the main feeling you are left with after almost putting yourself into a hospital. And we do absolutely concur; for this is sheer brilliance."  -StonerHive

"With moments of vertigo and pits of sludge, Fathoms evolves Cold Hum’s desert rock into a unique metal/post-rock hybrid... There is no middle ground on Fathoms, which opens with a soft, acoustic intro and doesn’t stop between any of the nine tracks. Militant chugs, astronomical riffs and Einstein on the Beach-esque arpeggios complement frequent screaming cut with mellower vocals."  -SevenDays



2010 - Digital

The songs on Vultures Of Cult's Cold Hum were written and recorded from early 2007 to late 2009. Tracking took place at 3 different locations in and around Burlington, Vermont. Before mixing and mastering could happen we lost our studio space. That's when things started getting weird. We started setting up all the studio gear in bedrooms and basements to do what mixing we could. Before we could finish, one of our ADAT machines ate the tape containing all of the guitar and vocal tracks for the album, and that was pretty much that. What you have here is a mastered version of a rough mix that we had recorded onto a cassette tape. 

Initially the album was to be released as a 12 inch vinyl record. Being that we couldn't finish mixing it, we have resigned to posting it here for you to enjoy. Is it exactly the way we wanted you to hear it? No. Does it still kick ass? Yes. Though it is simply a master made from a cassette tape, it is still our baby and we love it.


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